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Woodcolt Cottage Industries


Woodcolt Cottage Industries


Cobalt and Emerald Fantasy




Thank you for visiting Woodcolt Cottage Industries.
My photography is about capturing sublime, timeless moments. Whenever possible, I use only natural light. It may take me days to have the sun slant across my work space at just the right angle. Light brings a lushness to the images. I enjoy the differences between film and digital photography and feel fortunate to have both capabilities. I use a Nikon F3 for film and a Canon EOS 50D for digital.

Sometimes alterations are made to an image by hand after it is printed, sometimes digitally (although I have yet to use Photoshop).


I love the FREEDOM of digital photography and its seemingly unlimited possible enhancements .


Even when I worked exclusively in film, without any computer alterations, people said my images were very painterly. That description seems to apply even more so to my digital work.
Actually painting on just about any surface, from shoes to jewelry to paper to walls is highly satisfying to me! Especially if it means re-purposing something...
I also truly love the physical act of hand-applying embellishments to paper, fabric, and other available materials.
In a nutshell, I believe that art is magic.
Feel free to message me (via Facebook page link below) for any sort of custom order. I am interested in your ideas & can turn my photography into stretched canvas, greeting cards, etc.
To see more of my film photography, please visit

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